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Revolutionize data quality with verified respondents and synthetic answers.

Did you know?

90% of brands do not investigate their consumers…
Stop trusting intuition and embrace the most innovative research technology for brands, products and contents.

Solve the main challenges of most Brand & Product Managers

  • Flashing products or brands that consume the entire research budget.
  • Research teams with reduced budgets.
  • Information from brands, products or secondary markets that is missing when needed the most.

Machine Learning in Action

  • Project your internal surveys results for every customer.
  • Design custom and successful strategies to a cost fraction.

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Our solution:
Technology and Innovation


Self -manageable and customizable interface.

Mobile Panel

Exclusive, with its own recruitment.

Machine Learning

Dynamic platform, automatically creates models for each project


The best market costs


3x faster than tradicional market research.


No previous market research knowledge required.

How do we do it?


Exclusive, through digital channels and onboarding in our application.


With a simple interface that ensures quality in each response.

Machine Learning

We use real profiles to build lookalike answers that complete shares.

Super Easy

  1. Enter the APP.LIVEPANEL.CO
  2. Choose the type of study among the most popular options
  3. Choose a target audience
  4. Personalize brands and questions
  5. Approve the research launch

We cover all Latinamerica

We offer you fast and affordable results without depending on other panels.

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