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Frequently Asked Questions

What is livepanel?

Livepanel is a survey application that rewards you for your opinion. Daily you will receive surveys and earn points that you can exchange for prizes.

I registered in Livepanel, I answered questionnaires, and I even changed a prize, but I haven't received new questions for days. What is happening?

You should receive at least one question per day, mainly during the first 100 days of installing the application. The reasons for not receiving new questions are:

  1. Some kind of failure in the communication of the application, in this case we suggest you reinstall Livepanel .
  2. That we do not have ongoing studies in your country, Livepanel collects and rewards generic information from its users, but the most important thing is the studies of our clients, and in some countries there could be days where you do not receive questions.
  3. That your account has been suspended for violation of our terms of service, which include:
    1. Create multiple accounts using the same device and claim rewards at the same time
    2. Two or more accounts send prizes to the same phone number
    3. That you answer the questionnaires without paying attention to the quality questions, or always answering the same options in an automated way.
    4. That your response times are extremely short, which implies that you have not read the questions.

Livepanel allows you to have fun and win prizes, but it must be used responsibly, in any case, if the problem persists, contact us at usuarios@livepanel.co

What types of prizes can I win with Livepanel?

In most countries our prizes consist of Telephone Top-Ups for most mobile operators, Amazon giftcards. In some countries we also offer giftcards from other websites, experiences, discounts and sweepstakes.

I am interested in a prize from another provider, such as Google Play, can I request it?

Unfortunately, many providers offer rewards only for certain countries, such as the United States or Brazil, although we’d love to offer them in your country, we can’t at this time, but we often contact providers to include them.

How long does it take between installing LivePanel and receiving any rewards?

This depends a lot on the country, the amount of studies we are carrying out at the time and the type of award you choose. Usually for a telephone top-up you could redeem your first prize in a period of 3 days to 3 weeks depending on your country.

Once I order it, how long does it take for my prize to arrive?

Most of the telephone top-ups are usually credited within the same day, however, if you request a prize of greater value, a giftcard, or your account has some type of observation, it is possible that your prize enters a verification process that can take time up to 7 business days. If you notice any delay, contact us at usuarios@livepanel.co

Can I invite a friend or relative?

Yes of course! Use the button on the settings page to share Livepanel with a friend or family member and we’ll give them 50 reward points each. Promotion subject to availability depending on the country.

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